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2015 Global Sustainability Report

Our four retail markets—Europe, Brazil, China, and Mexico—are coming together to create Fashion with a Positive Impact.

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Our Commitment

A newly aligned, global sustainability strategy.

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Our Strategy

We are focusing on three areas where we can make the most difference: Sustainable Products, Sustainable Supply, and Sustainable Lives.

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Our Approach

We are building transparent, long-term, constructive relationships with key partners and creating change within and beyond our business.

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Our Supply Chain

Transparency leads to accountability—we want you to know where our clothing is made and how we are engaging and working with our suppliers and their factories to create positive impact.

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Welcome to our Global Sustainability Report

2015 marks an important transition point in our sustainability journey toward creating Fashion with a Positive Impact.  We plan to approach our new strategy with our customer in mind—to help her look good, feel good and do good.  This report details our 2015 performance.  For 2016 performance, please click here.


See how we’re working to source and use more sustainable materials for our clothing, reduce our environmental impacts and create an approach to a circular economy, ensure safe and fair working conditionsengage our employees and empower our customers to be more sustainable.


our global summary reports and important policies that guide our decisionmaking here

Sustainable Products

Toward a circular economy

Growing cotton is the primary livelihood for around 250 million farmers — including many smallholders in developing countries like India, China and Brazil.


When grown conventionally, cotton is a high-impact crop.


We aim to source 100% of our cotton from more sustainable sources that use less water, where the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is little to none.  We also want to improve the livelihoods of farmers so their families and communities can thrive.

By 2020 all of our cotton will be organic cotton or Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton.

Beyond sourcing more sustainable cotton, we plan to create endless flows of fibres and clothing by incubating and accelerating circular technologies in partnership wit the C&A Foundation.


When it comes to sustainability, we’re all in this together. Together we have the possibility to create more good in our society with our actions and intentions.

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Our 2020 Goal

100% of the cotton we use will be more sustainable.

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Currently over 40% of our cotton collections are produced with more sustainable cotton.

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Sustainable Supply

Safe, fair and clean fashion

The reality of fashion means that clothes are produced in different countries around the world, where conditions in apparel factories may affect worker health and wellbeing.


We will use our global size and scale and influence to improve conditions across the supply chain. Starting with making social and environmental sustainability non-negotiable.


We set common standards across our supply network through a robust Code of Conduct, where all of our suppliers' factories are monitored and engaged in our sustainability strategy.  We focus on transparency and accountability and provide tools and training to help create supplier ownership and performance.

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Setting high


across our supply chain

Our 2020 Goal

We want to source 
100% of our products
from top-rated suppliers.

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Our 2020 Goal

Aim for zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in our suppliers' wet processing facilities.

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Sustainable Lives

All of us doing our part for women

From the farm to our stores, women play a major role in bringing clothes to our customers. Currently over 80% of the workers producing our clothing are women, and almost the same proportion of women work in our stores.

We know that when our employees understand that they are working for a responsible company, they are more engaged.  We aim to create a culture of engagement around our sustainability efforts from our stores to our head offices.

Because our customers are also women, we ensure that she can trust that we have made the right decisions to source our products responsibly and with the environment in mind.  Ultimately we want to be recognized by our customer as a sustainable and responsible brand, and to help our customers act more sustainably.



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Making it easy for


to choose more sustainable products

Our 2020 Goal

We want to increase sustainability
engagement with our employees

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We raised more than €1 million through our first global employee engagement programme, Inspiring Women.

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