C&A again recognized for its commitment to sustainable materials by Textile Exchange

C&A was recognized as the world’s largest user of organic cotton in the 2016 Textile Exchange Organic Cotton Market Report. C&A has thus been awarded first place every year since 2012 in the category “Top 10 Users of organic cotton by Volume”. But it’s not only about cotton – C&A was also ranked number five in purchases of certified down and number ten in Lyocell (a fiber made from wood pulp) in the 2016 Textile Exchange Preferred Fiber & Materials Market Report. Next to cotton, these materials are key focus areas of C&A’s sustainable materials strategy. This year, Textile Exchange ranks a record-breaking 89 participating companies, compared to 56 companies reporting last year.

“Maintaining our top position in organic cotton and achieving the great performance in down and Lyocell have been the result of hard work from our global designers, buyers and sourcing colleagues. These results are encouraging as they show that we are making a significant difference in sourcing more sustainable raw materials and improving our environmental and social impacts,” comments Jeffrey Hogue, C&A’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer. “We remain focused on our 2020 goals, where we will source 100 percent of our cotton and 67 percent of all our raw materials from verified more sustainable sources.”

C&A’s progress toward the 2020 goals

More than a decade ago C&A started its journey to increase the use of organic fibers and other sustainable materials by introducing organic cotton into their collections. Because cotton is 60 percent of C&A’s global collection is organic, this is why its focus on organic is key: it allows C&A to reduce the impacts of cotton production by eliminating hazardous pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, reducing water consumption by up to 90 percent and reducing climate impact by 46 percent. Last year, C&A eliminated over 115,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions through the purchase of organic cotton.

2015, C&A has sold more than 138 million items made from of certified organic cotton globally, more than any other fashion retailer. Consequently, C&A managed to increase the global volume of more sustainable cotton including organic and cotton grown under the Better Cotton Initiative to a total of 40 percent of all cotton used in its collections.

In 2016, C&A will build upon its rich experience using even more sustainable cotton and other materials in its current collections. Also from fall 2016, 100 percent of C&A’s down and feathers will be certified to the Responsible Down Standard. While much progress has been made, C&A will continue to use its size and position to collaborate with other brands, retailers, C&A Foundation and NGOs to help promote the increased and more widespread production of more sustainable materials.

For more information on C&A’s work in the area of sustainable materials, please visit the section Sustainable materials.

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