C&A receives Best Starter Award 2015 from the Better Cotton Initiative

September 20, 2016. In pursuit of sourcing 100% of their cotton from more sustainable sources by 2020, C&A has received the Best Starter Award from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). In the fourth quarter of 2015, C&A purchased roughly 3000 tonnes of BCI cotton, making C&A the fastest starter of the 17 new BCI brands. It also lifts C&A to the top-10 tier of buyers, from among the 62 BCI-member brands.


“Expedient procurement of Better Cotton is essential to our 2020 goal of using 100% more sustainable cotton,” explained Jeffrey Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer. “The quick acceleration in uptake is a testament to the engagement and leadership of our merchant and sourcing colleagues across the world. Bringing more sustainable cotton to our customers - including BCI and organic - is key to reducing the environmental impacts of cotton farming, and to improving the financial livelihoods of smallholder and large farmers alike.”


C&A is currently the largest global buyer of organic cotton by volume, and buying BCI cotton is a key element in a comprehensive sustainable products strategy. BCI is supported by over 500 companies, and promotes the cultivation of cotton in ways that preserve the environment, minimize the negative impact of fertilizers and pesticides, and care for water, soil and natural habitats. BCI farmers improve working conditions in their fields, and achieve better yields and greater financial security through access to global markets.


The Better Cotton Initiative already reaches one million farmers in 20 countries. The goal is to have five million farmers producing Better Cotton by 2020. C&A’s leadership in accelerating BCI cotton procurement will support the expansion of the BCI, and create positive change in the cotton industry.

For more information on C&A’s work in the area of more sustainable cotton, please visit the section More Sustainable Cotton.

About the Better Cotton Initiative

The Better Cotton Standard was developed by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) – a multi-stakeholder organization whose members are committed to making Better Cotton a mainstream product. From NGO partners to garment manufacturers, and from farmers to household brand names, all of BCI’s members are working to transform the way cotton is produced, and create long-term change for the cotton sector.


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