New Strategy. New Commitment.  

This year marks the start of a newly aligned global sustainability commitment and strategy for C&A. Supported by a global governance model, this strategy will drive progress on our sustainability goals, with 2015 as our baseline year for measuring progress going forward. Of course, like others in the apparel industry, we face challenges in the supply chain and our own operations, and partner with others to drive positive change. As we continue this journey, our stakeholders are essential to helping us identify what’s most important and their partnership helps us to achieve fashion with a positive impact.

The C&A global 2020 sustainability framework - Fashion with a positive impact

In 2015, we made the following progress on our sustainability strategy

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Achievements in Sustainable Products


of our cotton is more sustainable 


of our down will be RDS certified in 2016

  • For the third time, named the world’s largest buyer of organic cotton by the Textile Exchange.
  • 40% of our cotton collection that is more sustainable, including organic cotton and cotton grown under the Better Cotton Initiative.
  • In partnership with C&A Foundation, we are launching a hub focused on incubating and accelerating circular technologies in the apparel industry—aiming to create endless flows of fibres and clothing.
  • Became a founding member of the Organic Cotton Accelerator, together with C&A Foundation.
  • Expanded our range of products made from more sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester and products made with less water.
  • Conducted the first cradle-to-grave carbon and water footprints of C&A’s global operations.
  • 100% of our down will be RDS certified, we continues to purchase wool from recycled sources.
  • Key programs launched in recycled polyester and sustainable viscose.
  • Joined BCI and Canopy to enable sustainable cotton and viscose.
  • Partnered with National Geographic to explore more sustainable cotton production in the documentary, For the Love of Fashion.
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Achievements in Sustainable Supply


suppliers and their factories disclosed


decrease in our total carbon emissions

  • Launched the first phase of our supplier transparency strategy - publicly disclosing the names and addresses of our suppliers’ factories.
  • Created a new Sustainable Chemicals Management team and strategy and rolled out our program to 52 of the largest fabric mills.
  • Eliminated use of perfluorinated compounds from our collections in all regions - ahead of the 2020 ZDHC deadline.
  • Supported the Bangladesh Accord and sped up remediation in all factories that produce items for C&A, managing over 16,163 corrective actions and completing 83% of them - a leading brand in Accord remediation.
  • Created the Tazreen Claims Administration Trust with C&A Foundation to compensate the victims of the Tazreen Fashions Fire in 2012.
  • Helped to establish Action Collaboration and Transformation (ACT), a global initiative to unite stakeholders in improving wages.
  • Initiated our first-ever study to evaluate the human rights due diligence of our supply chain as well as our sourcing and buying practices against the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.
  • Developed a holistic and effective approach to stakeholder engagement.
  • Decreased our absolute retail carbon footprint by 1.4%, while increasing our carbon efficiency by 9%.
  • Conducted our first assessment of our carbon and water footprints from cradle to grave.
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Achievements in Sustainable Lives


consumers surveyed about their sustainability perspectives and interests.


employees engaged in our first sustainability engagement campaign

  • Accepted as a signatory to the UN Global Compact and reported on our progress toward the 10 principles in 2016.
  • Achieved a high level of employee engagement on sustainability performance.
  • Conducted global research with 7,660 consumers and C&A customers to evaluate perceptions of C&A’s sustainability performance.
  • Raised €1 million+ for 53 charities that reach 7,000+ women worldwide as part of our Inspiring Women campaign. Over 23,000 employees participated.



Hear from our Chairman of the Global Sustainability Board and Chief Sustainability Officer

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Fashion with a positive impact



of gender, transparency and circular economy will guide our strategy.

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