A new framework for performance and leadership

Sustainability in the apparel industry is a complex global challenge that calls for global, collaborative solutions. Much of this work takes place locally, in farms and in the factories that produce clothing. Our global sustainability framework and goals support local approaches and allow us to create a roadmap for our sustainability work, driving focus on the areas where we can create the most positive change.

In 2015, we introduced our first global sustainability strategy, with the four C&A retail markets coming together using new ways of working together to meet our shared 2020 goals for fashion with a positive impact. Read more about our sustainability governance structure.

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Fashion with a positive impact

Three pillars focusing on where we can make the most positive impact

The three pillars of our strategy - Sustainable Products, Sustainable Supply, and Sustainable Lives - are supported by goals we aim to achieve by 2020.

  • Sustainable Products – Making products in a way that respects the environment and conserves natural resources by sourcing more sustainable raw materials, improving the design of products, and increasing our focus creating endless flows of fibres and clothing. Read more about the challenges of more sustainable cotton here. Read also about our partnership toward a circular economy with the C&A Foundation here.

  • Sustainable Supply – Working to raise environmental and social standards in the facilities that make our products, as well as improving our own operations. This includes building supplier capacity, transparency and supporting safe and fair working conditions and environmental protection in our supply chain.

  • Sustainable LivesEnabling our customers to make more sustainable choices by focusing on engaging our employees to be C&A ambassadors.

The C&A global 2020 sustainability framework - Fashion with a positive impact

In 2015, we focused on building strong governance and accountability to support our new global sustainability strategy. Building sustainability into our business management system has been crucial to supporting our aspiration to create fashion with a positive impact.  Join us on our journey.

Jeffrey Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer - C&A Global
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Embracing the UN Sustainable
Development Goals


With the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and unprecedented multi-stakeholder collaboration, 2015 was a seminal year for sustainability initiatives around the world.

Learn more about how we’re addressing the SDGs here. Also during 2015, we became a member of the United Nations Global Compact—the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative and a valuable global framework for benchmarking progress.

Read more on how we address these global frameworks
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