A new strategy. A new baseline.

In 2015, we launched a new set of goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs will be tracked from now until 2020. Throughout the journey several additional goals will be introduced, including those on waste, water, and circular economy. We will track our progress over time to ensure that we can make course corrections along the way on our journey toward 2020.

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Progress toward Sustainable Product goals


Goal– 100% of our cotton is more sustainable
KPI - % share of total cotton products


(EU 49.0%)

(EU only)

In 2015 we missed our yearly goal for all retail markets. 

Units of more sustainable cotton
KPI - Total pieces


(EU only)

Units of organic cotton
KPI - Total pieces


(EU only)

Units of BCI or REEL Cotton
KPI - Total pieces


(EU only)

Joined BCI to support the goal and to enable our retail markets to source more sustainable cotton easier.

Goal – 67% of our raw materials are more sustainable
KPI - % share of total products


(EU 32.6%)

(EU only)

In 2015, the resulting figure only includes our global cotton share. In 2016, we will include other sustainable and recycled materials.

Goal – Develop roadmap for other raw materials in 2016
KPI – Roadmap defined and developed in 2016


On Track


All regions are defining plans to increase more sustainable sources of priority materials like viscose and polyester.

Goal – Develop approach to circular economy
KPI – Centre launched in 2016


On Track


Strategy approved by the Global Foundation Board and the Global Sustainability Board. Centre to incubate and accelerate circular technology will be launched in 2016.

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Progress toward Sustainable Supply goals


Goal – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals
KPI – Number of mills included in the program




These 52 mills encompass a large percentage of fabric sourced for our products.

Goal – 20% reduction in carbon footprint of C&A stores, DCs and offices (electricity and heating)
KPI – % reduction in CO2e/M2 Total Usable Sales Area (TUSA) compared to 2012 baseline




Structured roadmaps are being developed to improve energy efficiency and to source renewable energy in all retail markets.

Absolute carbon footprint
KPI – Total Metric Tons CO2/% difference from baseline



Baseline 2012

Absolute energy footprint
KPI – Total Megawatt Hours/% difference from baseline



Baseline 2012

Energy efficiency
KPI – Total KWH/M2 Total Usable Sales Area (TUSA)/% difference from baseline



Baseline 2012

Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)
KPI – metric tons (mt) CO2e



Scope 2 GHG
KPI – mt CO2e



Scope 3 GHG
KPI – mt CO2e



Goal – Develop goals for water & waste management in 2016
KPI – Goal defined and developed in 2016


On Track


Roadmaps and base lining in progress

Goal – 100% of our products sourced from A/B rated suppliers*
KPI – % share of volume sourced from A/B rated suppliers




Goal – Build capacity within our supply chain
KPI – Number key factories included in the supplier ownership program




Program kick off was in November 2015. The development work started in March 2016

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Progress toward Sustainable Lives goals


Goal – Continuous increase in employee engagement scores
KPI – % increase over 2016 baseline


On Track


Employee survey will be conducted in 2016, results will be used as baseline

Goal – C&A is recognized as the most sustainable retail fashion brand2
KPI – Market ranking based on category buyers3 (% of category buyers recognizing the brand as a leader)


Germany – #1 (10%)

In 2016, we will focus on communicating more, leading to increased % of category buyers recognizing C&A as the most sustainable fashion brand.

Netherlands – #1 (16%)

France – #4 (3%)

Brazil – #1 (14%)

China – #18 (1%)

Mexico – #10 (1%)

1 Excludes Brazil and Mexico domestic suppliers in 2015.
2 Based on data collected from 7,660 category buyers in our largest retail countries - Germany, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, and China.
3 Category buyers are 18-64 year olds who have shopped at C&A or competitors in the past 12 months and are aware of the C&A brand. This sample includes current, lapsed, and potential C&A customers.


Sustainability awards

Our ambition to provide fashion with a positive impact is about enabling HER—our customer—to act more sustainably, it’s about improving our own sustainability performance, and it’s about driving change in the apparel industry. To be sure, we are pleased when others value this work and we are honoured to be recognized with awards. But the greatest satisfaction will come from meeting our sustainability goals and creating lasting, positive change.

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Highlights 2015


volume buyer of organic cotton according to the Textile Exchange Cotton Market Report.


Tied for top leadership with three retail brands in the Rankabrand Survey 2015

C&A was named a Leader in Greenpeace's Detox Campaign in 2015.

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