Inspiring Women: Global engagement campaign supports sustainability

Women are the driving force of the fashion industry. Just as the majority of our customers and employees are women, so are most of the people making our clothes. Yet around the world, women have less access to education, earn less money, and are more at risk of violence. It doesn’t have to be this way. When women are educated, healthy, and economically empowered, families and communities can thrive. C&A is committed to improving the situation of women worldwide—in our own company, in our supply network, and in communities around the world.

Facts on women in the fashion industry1

  • The apparel industry employs about 75 million people around the world.
  • Approximately 80% are female, including more than 70% in China, 85% in Bangladesh, and 90% in Cambodia.
  • Of the 21 million people trapped in forced and bonded labour worldwide across all industries (not just apparel), 11.4 million are women and girls2.
  • Women tend to earn significantly less than men, face systematic discrimination, and are generally only able to access the lowest paid jobs with very poor prospects for promotion.
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Inspiring Women campaign – 23,616 participants, more than €1 million raised, 53 organisations reaching with that donation 7,000+ women

Inspiring Women campaign unites employees and supports disadvantaged women

Inspiring Women, a 2015 initiative led by C&A Foundation with support from C&A, asked our employees, “Who are the women who inspire you?” They shared their stories with photos on our Inspiring Women website and voted for local organizations that work towards women’s empowerment through better access to education and programmes to address domestic violence. Each vote triggered a donation from C&A Foundation, which made a donation of €15,000 to each non-profit organization. The campaign also supported the Global Fund for Women, an advocate for women’s rights in the workplace.

Inspiring Women campaign - Positive impacts for women in society and for employees

For Society…

  • 23,616 participants.
  • More than €1 million raised.
  • 53 organizations, reaching 7,000+ women.


…and for Employees

  • 61% of our employees said it made them feel happier about working at C&A.
  • 92% of employees agreed that “C&A operates in a socially responsible manner."
  • 84% of employees said they feel proud to work at C&A.
  • 60% of employees said they “feel connected to people working in C&A in other countries."

Read more about the outcomes here.

1 Own research by C&A Global Sustainability, C&A Foundation and C&A Customer Market Insights.

2ILO: Global Estimate of Forced Labour, 2012.

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